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  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Redirect Energy Loss
  • Save Money
  • Stabilized Voltage
  • Eliminate Overheating

Stop overpaying on your electric bills month after month.

Struggling with electric bills that rise month after month? It’s time to make a stand. It’s time to STOP overpaying for the electricity you need.


You may be able to reduce your
energy consumption almost immediately

Installs in seconds

Just plug in and start saving.

Zero Risks

You’ll never need to pay more because of StopWatt

No Maintenance

The last thing you need is more things on your to-do list! StopWatt takes care of itself.


We Know How to Save You Money!

#Eliminate overpaying



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Fuel Saver

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Dryer Boost

Saves electricity by reducing
drying time

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Laundry Ball

Eco Friendly and
Chemical Free

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Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet

Your Solution For A Fresh, Clean Washing Machine!

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Stop suffering from stuffy, hot air and stay cool with our mini air conditioning unit.

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Power up anywhere
with solar power

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StopWatt is an inline device that routes all your home’s power through it. As it does so, it takes that unoptimized, chaotic flow and applies structure, while recapturing power that would otherwise bleed off and be lost. By optimizing power flow through your home’s wiring, StopWatt helps you reduce power consumption at the meter. You can’t make the meter turn backward, but you can slow it down to a crawl with our help!

In fact, with a heavy-duty load, STOPWATT can reduce your energy consumption immediately. Read that again – you can reduce your power consumption just by installing a single device. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

How does StopWatt save you so much? It’s right there in the name. Our device stops voltage bleed, unbalanced current, and surges that not only waste power but can damage delicate devices and appliances in your home.

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